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Currently, not dead just in the middle of exam season, afterwards i shall get right back to writing stories for you all :D On an unrelated note i've been thinking of doing another story probably Game of Thrones related. Was possibly going to do either Sansa after she (SPOILERS) fled kings landing, with little finger making her gain weight as part of her disguise, or Daenerys after she took meereen, getting fatter from gifts of food shes been given. If either or both of those things sound like something you'd like, let me know :D 

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Miranda came to when a bright light was being shone in her eyes, she moved her pudgy hand to cover her face, confused about what was happening. “Ahh glad to see your still alive, that would have been a terrible ending to my paper if you’d of just died like that.” Karin said putting away a torch. As Miranda began to wake up fully she became aware of more things around her she realised that she was laying on one of the medical beds her ass cheeks spilling off the sides, with a far too small grey sheet barely covering the large span of her stomach leaving the rest of her fat body exposed “urgh” grumbled Miranda “what happened?” “You tried to exercise, that’s what happened” Miranda eventually realised the voice belonged to Karin. “If I’d of known you were that unfit I would of just kept you at a waddling pace, would of saved me a lot of effort, I had to get seven people to help me move you onto the bed! Seven! Even then I was treating them afterwards for strains from carrying your fat ass into bed! Would have been easier to get a crane! But at least Jack seemed to enjoy herself” Miranda turned red at the insults and the thought that so many people had seen her in such a state, especially Jack. “So... doctor, did you find out what’s wrong with me?” Miranda said hoping to change the topic. “Other than your constant pigging out on junk foods, lack of exercise and vanity? No, unfortunately I’ve been unsuccessful, however you don’t have any of the normal problems that arise with massive obesity, no diabetes, blood pressure problems nor any other issues and given your immense size and high fat diet that is nearly impossible, true your genetics may be compensating but even so there should be some signs, not forgetting the fact you’ve put on all this weight in such a short time, something must be wrong, but I’m afraid i can’t seem to pin it down” Miranda’s hopes collapsed, she had been counting on her to get back her old slender body but now those hopes were gone.

Miranda suddenly enraged sat up quickly and shuffled down to the edge of the bed causing the bed to bend heavily as she reached the end, her entire body to bounce wildly with the movements, and began to shout angrily at Karin “YOU STUPID USELESS WOMAN! THIS IS WHY I WANTED MORDIN! HE WOULD OF ALREADY FOUND OUT WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME AND I BE BACK TO BEING ABLE TO WEAR LINGERIE AROUND THE SHIP AND HAVE EVERYONE DROOLING OVER ME!” The shouting had caused Miranda’s fat cheeks and sagging chins to wobble as she shouted. The effort of shouting had also winded Miranda and made her shouting much less impressive. Karin’s eye’s narrowed at Miranda, and Miranda immediately regretted saying anything. “Useless, am I?” Karin said coldly “I’m not the one who can’t walk more than 10 steps without being winded! I’m not the one who’s fatter than a small elephant! I’m not the one who’s currently wearing a bright pink thong that can only be seen when you lift up over 200 pounds of stomach fat!” To emphasise this Karin tried, and failed to lift Miranda’s gut letting the small amount that she could lift slap back down onto Miranda’s thighs before grabbing another handful of flesh.  Miranda shied away from Karin’s raised voice and tried to move away from her grip on her stomach. “In fact, you know what? You want people to stare at you? We can arrange that!” Karin walked over to wear Miranda’s suit was crumpled on the floor and picked it up and walked out of the room with it leaving Miranda sitting on the medical bay attempting to cover her flabby naked body.

A few minutes later Karin walked back in with what looked like Miranda’s uniform and a huge tray of ice cream. “I promised you ice cream I believe? Besides you must be famished, you haven’t eaten in an hour you’re practically wasting away” Karin’s voice was cold and sarcastic. She put down the uniform and handed Miranda the huge tray of ice cream and a spoon “Eat.” The way she phrased it was not as an offer. Miranda gingerly took the tray and the spoon. The tray was heavy easily 3 or pounds worth of ice cream. ”I... I’m not hungry” Miranda was able to stammer out. “Oh, come now Miranda you love ice cream, its your favourite type even, cookie dough. Now, eat” Karin grabbed a handful of Miranda’s flab and squeezed hard, causing Miranda to yell out in pain. Miranda quickly began to shovel ice cream into her mouth as quickly as possible as Karin relaxed her grip a few months ago Miranda could have easily broken her grip and won in a fight but that was months ago now she was a fat cow of a woman shovelling ice cream into her fattening face because she was told to.

Miranda however, couldn’t lie that she was loving the ice cream she was so engrossed in feeding herself she hadn’t noticed the creaking coming from the bed nor that Karin had started to video her feeding making snide comments as she did so “And here we have the feeding ritual of the great white fat woman known as Miranda or ‘Obesus Obesus’ in scientific circles” Karin said sneering Miranda took little notice trying to shove as much of the ice cream into her face as quickly as possible. As Miranda shoved the food into her mouth the bed began creaking more and more as more and more of Miranda started to spill outwards “My my Miranda, 515 pounds and rising are you sure you shouldn’t be watching what you eat?” Karin said laughing to herself. Miranda could see the counter slowly rising as she continued to eat in a frenzy, she kept trying to pull away but the ice cream was just so good and she was just so hungry, Miranda was eating very messily with ice cream all over her face and dripping down her chins on her growing breasts, the ice cream was so cold on her skin her nipples began to harden as the rest of her softened.

Miranda was halfway through her ice cream when suddenly, the bed which had been slowly getting more bent as she fattened herself up, gave one last creak and then a large SNAP as Miranda’s body broke the bed sending Miranda’s body plummeting down to floor. In her surprise, Miranda dropped her tray of ice cream sending it skidding on the floor as her flabby body hit the floor with an enormous thud. The fall placed Miranda on her back as Karin began laughing loudly, Miranda tried to sit up to go find her ice cream but due to her new found size could barely get her upper body off the floor leaving her red faced and winded from even trying. Miranda resolved to crawl to her ice cream as the last vestiges of her dignity were screaming to control herself, but it was no use, Miranda began to rock back and forth causing her immense belly to sway with her rocking, she eventually got up enough speed to get on her front and began to crawl on her hands and knees her, sagging breasts and enormous gut dragging along the floor as she crawled to her ice cream her dimple covered ass stuck out far in the air jiggling as Miranda’s knees moved, the top of the pink thong barely visible behind around all of the fat that swallowed it. This caused Karin to laugh even harder as she doubled over in laughter at the sight of the morbidly obese woman who had been so vain and proud crawl on her hands and knees to stuff her fat face with ice cream. Miranda was thankful that her hands and knees had become so fat as it softened the blow as her immense body hit the floor.

Miranda reach the tray and shoved her face into it, eating the ice cream straight from the tray to Karin’s amusement “oh my god this is PERFECT! I never thought I’d see Miranda Lawson become such a fat pig that she breaks medical beds!” Miranda was only stopping to breathe in-between bites, with ice cream dripping all down her face and breasts as she ate more and more. Eventually Miranda finished the tray, still hungry she started to lick the bottom of the tray, her face and breasts to get the last vestiges of the ice cream into her stomach. Finally, Miranda got all the ice cream she could get and turned around to see Karin wiping a tear of joy from her eye, “oh, god, my sides! That was the best thing I’ve ever seen! That has more than made up for your rudeness earlier! A naked morbidly obese tub of lard crawl on her hands and knees to feed her fat face, it was hilarious! I’m so glad I videoed that! You’ve earned this tubby” Karin threw Miranda’s uniform towards her “By the way I took some liberty and altered it, one to reduce the pressure on the material I mean my god woman you almost burst that thing with your gut! And two because you wanted people to look at you.” Miranda lifted the suit and saw that Karin’s ‘liberty’ had cut the entire middle section from the suit as well as removing the arms and making the suit far lower cut at the back and the front, meaning it would cover only the bottom half of her breasts leaving her, gut, back fat and most of her breasts exposed with the material likely to barely cover her nipples making it look like a too small sports bra rather than a top. The lower half of the once suit wasn’t much better most of the leg coverings were gone leaving the lower half looking like they would barely cover 3 quarters of Miranda’s generous backside and would dig in heavily to Miranda’s fleshy sides with the front being covered by her large hanging belly.
“You’re joking, right?! What happened to my suit?!” asked Miranda panicked, hoping that she was joking and that a new larger suit was just waiting in the other room, “No no that’s your suit all right, I needed to rearrange some of the material for it, to fit your expanded body, and besides you wanted people to look at you, well now they won’t be able to stop looking, I mean sure they’ll be laughing as well but still” Karin said with a grin and a shrug. “Besides you know we don’t have any more of the material left to make your suit big enough to encompass you, so the only option as to cut down the material to cover your urm… now… what was your recent body weight again… AH yes five hundred and fifty-four pounds” Miranda’s mouth dropped “FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FOUR POUNDS! I was only five hundred 20 minutes ago!” Miranda yelled, “Only five hundred?” Snorted Karin “Okay yes I admit it, I may have spiked the ice cream with some of the formula for the chocolate bars, little bit of payback for being so rude to me. Maybe it will teach you to be nicer in the future, besides fat people are meant to be jolly no? Now put on your suit and get out I’m done with you I need to clean up this mess you’ve made fatso.” Karin said the last part as firmly as Miranda had ever heard and decided not to try and argue with the doctor.
Miranda tried to rise from her front to little success “Urm.. Karin… little help” Miranda said going red faced as she asked, “Of for god’s sake you incompetent tub of human suet!” Together with Karins help Miranda was able to get back on her feet after a couple minutes of trying. “Now if you’re done put on your suit and go.” Miranda didn’t argue she put on her ‘Suit’ glancing at herself in the mirror and realising how ridiculous she now looked.
The top half of her suit barely covered her nipples with the tops of her areolas clearly visible above the line of the top, the top also dug in heavily to her back fat accentuating her back rolls, the lack of material also showed off how meaty her arms had gotten, her upper arm was now nearly twice the size of her original thighs sagging heavily off her arms. The suit also didn’t help hiding Miranda’s gut the lowest part stuck out nearly a full foot from Miranda’s face the fleshy dome jiggling at the slightest touch. She was also rapidly approaching having her enormous gut reaching her knees when she stood, with her gut brushing just below the middle of her thighs.  

She had been right and none of the fat too small bottoms could be seen behind the curtain of fat that hung before them. The sheer fatness of her stomach not helping the rest of her body either, what had once been a muffin top had become the spare tire to a large four by four with the fat eating into the bottoms she wore. Her ass had continued its journey of expansion in all directions she was now visibly wider than she had been when she got out of her suit. Her ass had grown upwards into her back, giving Miranda a very large soft shelf pushing up her back fat and going around to join the sagging belly at the front. The shorts did barely cover Miranda’s backside barely half of it from Miranda’s view, with a large portion of the shorts getting stuck in her ass crack. Miranda’s legs had not been missed by the fat either, each one was now easily twice as wide than her waist had been and 3 times as big around, cellulite and dimples clung all over the flabby pair of legs than began to take Miranda slowly out of the room.

“Are you leaving without thanking your doctor?” Karin asked mockingly “Thank you Karin” Miranda said begrudgingly. “Oh come now you can do better than that, now I want you to say ‘Thank you Karin for looking after me even though I’m a jiggling ball of cookie dough’” Miranda opened her mouth to argue but thought better of it repeating the words and adding in some extra’s to make sure she could leave “Thank you very much Karin for looking after me even thought I’m a morbidly obese, jiggling ball of flabby cookie dough that can’t control herself, and I’m sorry for stuffing myself with your chocolate bars and being so fat I broke your bed” Miranda was surprised how easy it was being this submissive to someone. “That’s a good little piggy now waddle along now” Karin said happily. Miranda nodded causing her chins to jiggle as she made for the exit.

When Miranda stepped out of the medical bay over a hundred pounds heavier than when she went in, she immediately remembered what she was wearing as a group of young attractive girls walked by giggling at the sight of her exposed and flabby body, one of the girls even had the audacity to offer her a chocolate bar, Miranda took the chocolate bar and offered a meek “Thank you” The girls began to laugh as Miranda took the bar as one exclaimed “I can’t believe you took that you absolute land whale! I can’t believe I ever wanted to be like you!” Part of Miranda’s brain told her not to take such insults from a subordinate and fight back but that was the old thin Miranda talking, this fat Miranda was weak and submissive so all she offered was a weak “I'm sorry” “God you’re a pathetic mess, come on girls lets go, this whale isn’t worth our time” With that she gave Miranda’s belly a hard slap and walked on. As Miranda made her way back even though it was only a couple minutes’ walk Miranda was so unfit she had to stop multiple times for breaks leaning against the wall as she tried to get her breath back, this elicited multiple comments from crew members “Oi fatso! Want me to turn off the grav plating for you! Might make it easier to walk 10 feet!” “Oi Miranda maybe spend more time at the gym and less time at the dining hall!” “Want me to roll you to where you need to go Shamoo? Or how about a fork lift? but then again you’d probably break it!” A few crew members actively displayed their disgust at the slow waddling obese woman, and she was fairly certain she saw arousal from one or two of the crew members she passed. Some of the crew seeing her state took pictures or videos of her laughing as they did so, a few grabbed parts of her flesh and jiggled it shouting various insults at her face, and all she gave them in response were agreements that she was a fat pig or whale or cow. One wanted a photo of her to stop their girlfriend worrying about their weight, claiming “After she sees you she’ll never think she’s fat again!” another wanted a photo to show all his friends back home that he met “The fattest woman in the galaxy”. A few of the women she saw commented on her outfit, “Do you really think you should be wearing that at your size?!” “I’m seeing more exposed flesh than at an Asari strip club!” one of the male crew laughed. Finally, Miranda made it back to her room red faced, winded and soaked in sweat from the sheer effort of moving her obese frame. She sighed as she opened the door and looked into her room, it was filled with empty chocolate bar wrappers, boxes stained with remnants of food, greasy plates and pizza boxes.

Miranda sighed heavily and entered the doorway only to encounter a problem she was stuck. The front half of her body was in but her generous hips were too wide for her to enter the door, she tried shuffling around to loosen herself but there was no luck, she tried pushing off against the wall to no success she was well and truly wedged in their tight. A few minutes past and she heard a couple female crew members walked past, she quickly asked for help only to receive mocking laughs “Excuse me! Could… could you help I’m stuck” She said “Well what do we have here? A morbidly obese Miranda Lawson stuck in a doorway? Do you think we should get some butter and loosen her up?” asked the first one with a tone that implied they had no intention of doing anything “Well I don’t know about that. Don’t you think she’s had enough butter? I’ve seen her in the mess hall, she puts butter on everything! Even her coffee! If we gave her butter she probably just eat it and be even more stuck than before! I’m afraid all we can do is take pictures and walk on. Besides didn’t she pass you up for that promotion for ‘Being too unfit?’ and Showing too much skin?’” asked the first one with feigned ignorance “Oh yes! that’s true, I mean I must be terribly unfit if this peak of human fitness thinks I’m unfit!” Miranda could see the girl showing off her exposed flat, taught stomach, pressing it against Miranda’s fat backside “Is this too much exposed flesh for you? Am I dressed too slutty?!” “I... I’m sorry. I… I appreciate the irony here. Could you please help me?” Miranda said offering an apology in hopes they would help her out of this situation. “Now what irony is that ay” the second girl said mockingly “Is it the fact you called me unfit and now you’re as round as moon, tubbo?! Or is it that ridiculous outfit you’re wearing? What on earth made you think you could wear something like that at your immense size!” The girl started laughing and grabbing large handfuls of Miranda’s ass cheeks and playing with her doughy flesh, “It was the only thing that fit me” Miranda replied desperately trying to play off her size “Well that’s hardly true, now is it?” The girl said with mocking glee “There are plenty of survival tents on board put a couple of those together and that should fit your ass at least! God I always wanted to touch your ass, it was always so pert and sexy, and I could never get mine to be anything like yours. But now look at it! It’s so fat its stuck in a doorway!” She gave Miranda’s ass a hard smack and laughed “Ha! Look at it jiggle! Take a picture of me with it! Is there any muscle left in there or is it all fat! Who’s fit now queen piggy!” The second girl said grabbing handfuls of fat. “Tell me who’s fit now!”  Miranda eventually blubbered out “You’re fit, you’re fit I’m just a big fat unfit blob!“That’s right you’re a fat blob and that’s all you’ll ever be fatso. Unfit forever”. The second girl with gleeful malice, as Miranda nodded causing her body to jiggle to the girl’s obvious delight “Well now come on that’s not fair at all! Ms Lawson appears to be a perfect fit! For the doorway, I mean!” The first girl chimed in to a fit of laughter from the other “Heh… good one… I am very fat” replied Miranda submissively hoping to win them over “Glad you realise it pig.” The first one said. “Beg us, and we might help you out” Miranda weighed her options and decided submission to these women was better than staying here all night, and Miranda began to grovel. “Will you please help a fat pig and get me out of this doorway as I am too fat to do it on my own” Miranda said hopefully, hoping the self-deprecation had won her some points. The girls looked at each other laughed and at the same time, as the second girl said “Nah! See you around titanic tubbo!”  and the girls walked off giving Miranda’s backside hard slaps leaving a bright red mark on Miranda’s exposed ass cheek laughing to themselves at Miranda’s misfortune.

Miranda didn’t encounter any more crewmen after that, they were probably the last stragglers turning in for the night, Miranda sighed and resigned herself to being stuck in the doorway the whole night, “At least I can’t get any fatter tonight” Miranda said to herself out loud not expecting a reply, to her surprise, one came. “Are you certain of that Lard arse?” came a familiar voice Miranda immediately identified as Jack. “Jack! You’ve got to help me! I’m stuck!” Pleaded Miranda. “Oh, I can very much see that” Jack said with pure glee in her voice “So, this is what happens when cheerleaders become benchwarmers. And at your size I’d imagine you’re warming up the whole bench yourself!”  Miranda turned red faced at Jacks comments, Jack had been the one person she’d been avoiding for fear of the humiliation from her once rival especially as Miranda had always been so cruel to Jack.

Jack reached round and grabbed Miranda’s exposed stomach, “Look at yourself Miranda! You’ve become a big fat whale! You must almost weigh more than most Asari families! And you always had a fat ass but holy crap now it must take a fork lift to get you around now! Don’t you think you’ve over done it with your eating princess pig?” Jack began to play with Miranda’s stomach fat “This outfit sheshh! Where did you find it? A chubby chaser’s gentlemen’s club!? When I started this little scheme of mine, I had no idea you’d get this damn fucking fat!” Jack began to pinch and prod various places on Miranda’s body “Look! I can pinch an inch anywhere on this bloated body of yours!” Miranda interrupted her insults “wait! What did you mean ‘When you started this’? Did you do this to me!?” Some of Miranda’s original spirit coming back on learning this revelation. “You’re the reason I’ve become this morbidly obese whale woman!” Miranda said shrieking. Jacks voice went cold, “Now, is that anyway to talk to your friend? Especially one who’s going to help you get into your room” “What are you talking about?! Why did you do this to me?!” Miranda caught the last bit of the sentence with some surprise “Wait you’ll help me?!” Miranda said forgetting her anger as hunger began to sink its teeth into her again. “Why of course my piggy, all you need to do is ask your good friend Jack for help and then thank me for turning you into this fat jiggling mass of flesh and I will pop you right out of the doorway. Oh and tell me how much you weigh now. When I left you in the mess hall, you weren’t this fat.”

Miranda paused for a second the last vestiges of her pride, vanity and dominance going out of her as she complied with Jack, “Please Jack can you help me? I’m too far fat to fit through the doorway on my own and I need help” Miranda said the words as mean fully and as weakly as she could to please Jack. “Now that’s a good pig, but you still need to thank me for making you this fat, and tell me your weight I’m dying to know.” “Thank you for making me so fat, thanks to you I’m five hundred and fifty-four pounds” replied Miranda defeated as she fell further into her submissive role hoping that Jack would at least help her. Jack whistled loudly “Five hundred and fifty-four pounds, my my what a biggen I think it’s a very big improvement, don’t you? You’ll make an excellent prize hog.  But you’d like to be fatter wouldn’t you piggy?!” asked Jack in a tone that implied that this wasn’t a question “You’d like to apologise for being so rude to me all this time and making fun of my poetry? And you know the only way to do that is to fatten you up to say… 650 pounds, yes that seems fair!” With that Jack used her biotics to lift and push Miranda through the doorway and into her apartment sending Miranda’s flab wobbling in all directions as the blue energy covered the woman’s immense body lifting her up and forwards.

The force pushed Miranda flat on her face amongst the discarded food containers, the impact caused Miranda’s backside to bounce “Bloody hell you’re heavy to lift! What have you been eating! Oh wait I can see it all over your floor!” remarked Jack as she looked around Miranda’s room “You even live like a pig! Now get up and lie on the bed fatso” Miranda attempted to get up but again she was just too fat and too weak to be able to lift herself up. Jack sneered at her “If you can’t get up, then I will lift you.“Thank you Jack” Miranda said with genuine gratitude. “Heh you’re getting more submissive by the minute where is all that fire you had? Quenched under six tonnes of blubber no doubt” Said Jack as she lifted Miranda up into the air and onto the bed like an enormous ball of jiggling fat. “Now my fatty, I’m going to go get you some food, would you like that piggy?” Jack grabbed a handful of ass fat and played with it watching how playing with it made Miranda’s whole body jiggle “Heh you’re like one of those old-time water beds! Now lemme take a good look at my prize hog” Jack started to circle Miranda taking photos of her from multiple angles. Jack walked over and stuck her finger in Miranda’s deep belly button swirling it around, forcing her way to the bottom of her belly button “Miranda my dear, your belly button is deeper than my chest is!” Jack pull her finger out a lifted-up Miranda’s chins, exposing her fleshy neck “Well your face certainly hasn’t been spared. That’s good I was worrying you might keep that pretty face of yours, but it is good to see your lacking most of your neck now” Jack smirked to herself.
“Now, I will be gone for a few minutes while I get the food you’re going to eat to become nice and fat for me. Now take off those ridiculous clothes and don’t go anywhere!” “I won’t, I promise” replied Miranda in a weak tone. “That’s a good piggy” and with that Jack got up and walked out leaving Miranda on her own.

Miranda took this time Jack was away to fully look at her situation, her king-sized bed that once seemed far too large for her, now her sitting in the middle took up over 2 thirds of her bed, her pale flesh spread lazily outwards and away from her body sinking deeply into the mattress. Miranda looked down to see the huge mass of flesh that was her body, a few months ago it had been toned and slim, and now there wasn’t a square inch on her not covered in multiple thick layers of jiggling fat. Miranda grabbed her gut and shook it, causing her entire body to ripple and sway. She sighed deeply and began to undress, struggling to get the far too tight material off of her engorged body, she managed to get the top off within a minute of tugging and shaking her body out, as soon as the top was lifted Miranda’s enormous breasts spilled outwards sagging to the sides as gravity caught up with them, Miranda’s shorts took much longer the size of her hips and the way the shorts had dug into her body made the shorts impossible to take off quickly the soft pale flesh covering Miranda’s meaty legs making the job much more difficult, eventually Miranda got them off, her immense body panting from the effort.

Miranda was trying to think of a way out of her situation, sure she didn’t want to be any fatter but choice did she have? She could barely walk, let alone fight off her powerful biotic rival, her own biotic powers had deteriorated as her weight increased leaving her unable to use them at her current size taking away that option of escape from her. She couldn’t try and run away from it she’d get stuck in the doorway again only to have Jack laugh at her again and maybe other crew members as well if she was unlucky. And even if she did make it out the doorway she doubted anyone would help her. No, she’d have to stay on her bed getting stuffed and made even fatter than she already was by the woman who had made her this fat in the first place. Besides submitting to Jack can’t be that bad, maybe she had a cure and when she was done with her revenge she would bring her back to normal and everything would be right again Miranda could go back to being thin and beautiful, she gazed downwards and doubt began to creep back in that, it would ever happen.

A few minutes later Jack came back into the room a wide grin on her face “Well how my favourite piggy doing? I hope she’s hungry because I have a treat for her” Jack said as Miranda’s gut gurgled at the thought of food. Jack walked out of the room again and walked back wheeling a trolley with a small mountain of cake on it. The cake was covered in thick pink icing with white frosting decorating the edges of the cake. There was blue writing on the cake, Miranda craned her neck past her mountainous breasts and read the writing “To the fattest cheerleader of them all!”. Jack began stripping off her clothes leaving herself dressed in a bright white micro bikini similar to what Miranda had worn but many times smaller, leaving very little of Jacks body to Miranda's imagination. “What... what are you doing?” Miranda asked confusedly “I would have thought it was obvious piggy, I’m going to be feeding you and I hardly want to get cake on my clothes now do I? Besides the constant reminder of my slender toned body should be more than enough to remind you you’ll never be this way again.” Jack pushed the cake over to Miranda’s side, the cake crested nearly above Miranda’s stomach when compared side by side. Jack pulled out a camera and tripod from under the sheet panther trolley and set it up so Miranda’s feeding could be recorded. “You’re videoing this?” Miranda asked shyly, “Of course I am, I video all of your big growth moments. If I ever feel upset I can watch you waddle down the fast track to fatso town and instantly feel better. Remind me to show you afterwards, Besidies i like watching you submit to me.” With that Jack pressed the record button and walked seductively over to Miranda climbed onto the bed and then mounted Miranda sitting on her large stomach sinking in a few inches as the fat gave way to the slender woman. “Miranda! I had no idea I could see my house from your gut!” Jack said faking covering her eyes from the sun as she looked into the distance. “But I didn’t come here for the view now did I? I came here to finish my work and finally show you our rivalry is at an end, I’m going to prove that I’m better and all you are is just some fat as all hell Cerberus cow who used to be pretty.” With that Jack grabbed a huge chunk of the cake with her hands and brought it to Miranda’s face “open wide tubso” Miranda did as she was told, as soon as she did the cake came flying into her mouth. It was the most delicious thing Miranda had ever tasted, so sweet, moist and soft that Miranda forgot that she was about to fattened even more and all she could think of was having Jack feed her more of that cake.

“Like it do you?” Jack said putting her fingers in Miranda’s mouth for her to lick the cake from. “I’m glad. It’s my own special recipe, it’s filled with all sorts of good things for a growing girl like yourself, and not to mention my own secret ingredient. The weight gain powder that I’ve been putting in your food my favourite little piggy. But hey you don’t care, you just want more of this cake don’t you” Jack picked up another hand full of cake and teased it around Miranda’s chubby lips, as Miranda strained to get the cake in her mouth. Jack shoved the cake in the fat woman’s waiting mouth and watched in glee as Miranda gorged herself on the cake swelling every last crumb Jack shoved in her mouth, cleaning Jacks fingers with her tongue to get all the cake she could. “You’re such a well-trained piggy aren’t you. You know your place as my bitch don’t you” Jack said shoving antigen hand full of the cake into Miranda’s fat waiting cheeks. Jack continued to shovel cake into Miranda’s flabby face as she felt herself slowly rise. “well now looks like the weight gain has started at last I was beginning to think I’d have to keep stuffing you with cake forever” Jack said with glee. Jack began stuffing the cake faster into Miranda’s waiting maw giving her larger chunks of the cake watching as Miranda’s face lit up with ecstasy every time cake passed her fat red lips, “God you’re such a glutton” Jack began to trace her finger around Miranda’s nipples as she fed her. Miranda began to moan softly as Jack played with her hardened nipples. “Like that, do you? God you’re pathetic. You’re already a fat cow and all you seem to want is your nipples played with and have even more food stuffed into your gut”  

Almost all the cake was gone now and Miranda’s body showed every inch of it, Jack had been pushed even further upwards as Miranda’s stomach had more and more fat deposited on it, Jacks stance widened at Miranda’s stomach grew outwards and downwards finally reaching below Miranda’s knees. Miranda’s face continued to fatten with the last of her neck disappearing under the wave of fat flowing into her body. Miranda’s hips were now almost reaching the edges of the bed the fat flowing free and quivering at the slightest movement from Miranda or Jack, Miranda’s immense thighs pushed against each other forcing Miranda to move her huge legs wider and away from each other.

Jack reached for another hunk of cake and found only air Miranda had eaten it all leaving only a small amount of the cake left, Jack removed her bikini top exposing her small perky breasts and small dark nipples Jack took some of the last remnants of the cake and put it on her nipples, Jack leaned over Miranda’s mouth with her tits “Suck it off. I want you to know that you will always been subservient to me. Besides no reason for you to have all the fun” She said tugging at Miranda’s nipples. Miranda did as she was told happily sucking hard at Jacks tits to get the rest of the cake, causing Jack to let out a soft moan “You have no shame do you my piggy” Jack said almost lovingly stroking Miranda’s hair as Miranda continued to suck the cake from Jacks tits. Jack kept putting more of the leftover cake onto her tits to have Miranda lick it off.

Jacks enjoyment was cut short when she heard a loud sharp voice behind her, one she immediately recognised. Standing in the doorway was the red-haired commander Shepard. “What the fuck is going on here?!”

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Miranda stomped as fast as her new waddling stride would allow towards the medical bay, shoving the last pieces of food she had taken from the mess hall into her mouth, making her newly formed blubber jiggle, but she didn’t care she was angry. She had just put on a good 150 pounds in under an hour, and she wanted answers. She stomped her way through multiple baffled crewmen who stared at the previously slim, woman who was now 3 times her original size, covered in various food stains, wearing a suit which showed off her obese frame and barrelling quickly past them. Miranda heard a few comments along the lines of “wow she has gotten fat!” “Can’t believe I used to fantasise about that whale” “Someone let themselves go”. Miranda ignored them all she had more pressing matters than people talking about her enlarged rear end.  

She reached the medical bay red faced and winded her body covered in sweat, unused to carrying such a large amount of fat. She leaned against the door as she composed herself and tried to catch her breath back and the door suddenly opened, causing her blubber to give a loud smack as her body hit the floor causing her to wobble as she hit the floor causing a few female crewmen walking by to giggle. She got up on her hands and glared at them and they quickly walked away, she noticed that her gut and breasts were still dragging on the floor when she was on her hands “Dammit how could this happen!” Miranda thought to herself, she turned her head and looked behind at her back, it had once been smooth and taught now she had multiple fat rolls folding into each other and fat was spilling out from the main bulk of her body onto the floor.

Miranda put her head into her hands and groaned, she was undeniably fat now no point denying it, she needed to diet and exercise to get back her old body, if that was even possible now and she needed help to do it. Miranda got up onto her feet again, taking much more effort than it should of winding herself in the process. “Bloody hell this is just embarrassing” she muttered to herself as the door closed behind her. She had never had any reason to be embarrassed before, she had always been perfect in every regard she had been graceful, toned and sexy with not a hint of excess fat anywhere on her body that was a world away from the fat, lumbering and flabby woman standing in the sick bay.

“Mordin! Mordin I need assistance!” she called into the medical bay, a moment later Dr. Karin Chakwas walked through a door, “ah Miranda, Mordin is currently busy at the moment, but he told me to expect you, I’m guessing this is related to your weight?” she asked giving Miranda’s flabby body a long look, “Well for your information doctor Chakwas I need Mordin’s help devising a diet and exercise plan to work off this unseemly fat, and Mordin is the best doctor on the ship by far” Miranda said impatiently waddling further into the sick bay as Karin’s eyes narrowed. “Please Miranda call me Karin, and I’m afraid that Mordin cannot be disturbed. So, take a seat, one of the stronger ones please” Karin said with sickly sweetness. Miranda shot her a look but sat on the chair usually designed for Krogans her extensive butt cheeks spilling off the edges. Karin’s look became amused when she sat on the reinforced chair.

“So Miranda what precisely do you want for me to do to help?” “I need help creating I diet and exercise programme to quickly lose weight, I know it may be hard for someone like you to understand but I actually take pride in my body.” Miranda said haughtily Karin smiled and started to take a scan of Miranda’s body, “My my Miranda, my scan shows you’ve been certainly packing it away since your last visit, haven’t you?” She poked Miranda’s resting belly. “Just tell me what the damage is and what I can do to get rid of it” “Well since you’ve asked so nicely Miranda. Your weight has increased by 187 pounds since your last visit, to a total of 287 pounds’ gain, to put it bluntly, you’re ‘a real tubbo’.” Karin smirked as she brought up a before and after of Miranda. “Another way of putting it is that you are currently 427 pounds and incredibly morbidly obese. Any way you put it you are fat fat fat. As for the cause of your weight gain, you should look no further than your obesogenic diet, you have consumed far, FAR more than what a normal Krogan male eats let alone what a human should consume! My scans show that you consumed multiple full sticks of butter recently, for what possible reason did you consume such high quantities of pure fat?” Miranda’s anger flared under the insults as Karin looked at her incredulously “I was hungry, butter seemed like a good choice especially as it is one of my few indulgences” Miranda said snappily “Yes I can see that you were hungry from that enormous rear end that you’re sporting and no, for someone of your size indulging on entire sticks of butter is never a good choice” Criticised Karin “But it can’t just be overindulging in butter that made me put on this much weight so quickly” “Well it may have been all of the other food you’ve been shovelling down your throat” Miranda’s anger started to fade as she realised what the doctor was saying was true. “Could you at least check to make sure doctor?” she said the last word with thinly veiled contempt

“Well if you insist, i suppose it is possible that you may have something else wrong with you. Maybe someone messed up your gene sequence when they were editing you or maybe they did it on purpose to get back at the illusive man, or maybe they thought it would be funny to see the perfect woman a whale, I certainly do. Either way, I need more information on your daily diet to make a full analysis of your situation. You may skip chocolate and butter from your list as I can see you enjoy them quite frequently” Karin pointed towards the multiple butter and chocolate stains smeared across her white suit. “I’ve been under a lot of stress recently” Miranda said defensively, “As is your brand new suit” replied Karin, as she pulled on the suit around Miranda’s middle, it came away with much less give than there was originally, Karin let the suit ping back causing a large wave to form across Miranda’s flabby gut sitting heavily on her lap, making Miranda’s face turn from pink to red with embarrassment. “Enough doctor! I need help with a diet and exercise plan and pointing out the obvious fact that I’m morbidly obese is not helping!” “True, but making fun of someone who hasn’t exactly been the nicest to me is very cathartic. Now if you please, can I have information on your current diet  so I can help you lose some of this blubber.” “So you will help me lose it?” Miranda said hopefully “Yes I will, if only because if you get any fatter you’ll be better as a cannon ball than an operative against the reapers, now can we finally get onto your diet?”

Miranda sighed and reluctantly used her omni tool to bring up a long list of her extensive food requisitions over the last few weeks “Ready to write this down?” Karin nodded “Begin when you are ready” “Okay well it started a few months ago, I was just having something to drink a hot chocolate, it was one of my few indulgences and I just started to get really intense hunger pangs, originally I was able to ignore them but, they kept up for a while and then I was eating a meal one day the hunger got much worse and I started craving heavy and high fat foods, my meals got bigger and bigger and then they stopped filling me up so I started snacking on things only one or two times between meals at the beginning and then I eventually just kept stuffing my face with chocolates, crisps that sort of thing almost constantly and I never felt full” Miranda said sadly remembering her waddle down her current path “Interesting Miranda, your symptoms mimic that of a parasite I once encountered. It causes the victim to constantly overeat, normally high calorie foods, although” Karin paused and grabbed a large handful of Miranda’s fat “it usually absorbs the nutrients from the victim not let them keep them until they turn into, a giant butterball. But I’m fairly certain you don’t have that, I think you’re just a glutton.” Karin said mockingly as she squeezed Miranda’s gut before letting go of it and let it slap back onto her thighs.

Miranda gave her an angry look after the word ‘butterball’ but Karin didn’t seem to notice. “Now lets get onto obviously your favourite topic, food.” Miranda scowled but started reading from her omni tool “Okay for breakfast I normally have 6 large scones with butter, full fat cream, and jam, usually with a couple of pint glasses of full fat milk, 3 croissants with the same additions as the scones, and a bowl of those sugar frosted flakes also with full fat milk” she said looking down at her gut and wondered how much of it was from dairy. Karin looked part stunned part bemused as she wrote it down

What about snacks?” “Normally my snacks are chocolate bars, crisps, large packets usually, and chips that sort of thing” Miranda looked down at her butt sagging off the chair and sighed and lifted the sides spilling off of the chair, trying to push it back onto the chair in a futile attempt to hide her weight. “Now now Miranda no need to be embarrassed by your fat some species consider it a perfect mating quality. Besides I thought you were proud of your body?” Miranda winced, she had been arrogant and now she was paying for it “Your mid-day meal?” asked Karin. “That changes every day, but it tends to be something, greasy and high fat” “Obviously, you wouldn’t be here if you overindulged in salads.” “I can do without the snide remarks doctor” snapped Miranda “You could do without second and third helpings but you obviously ignored that advice” replied Karin shutting down any retorts Miranda had. Miranda grumbled but carried on with her list. “I usually have one or two deep dish pizzas with extra cheese, stuffed crust and meats, a couple pies either pork or chicken mostly, some of those large ‘bulge’ soda’s, some burgers with cheese and bacon, hot dogs, chips and desserts such as ice cream, cakes, cookies and sweet pies apple, chocolate treacle normally.”  in the end, Miranda’s breathing had grown heavy and her mouth was watering at the thought of all that rich fattening food and the familiar hunger pangs were beginning to make their way back into her stomach.

“Your final meal? Or should I say meals in your case?” said Karin handing Miranda a tissue to wipe up the drool around her mouth “Miranda calm please, try to control your stomach, I know that may be difficult for you” as if on que Miranda’s stomach started to growl loudly. Miranda tried sucking in her stomach to stop it growling but, it only served to make her stomach jiggle causing Miranda to turn red with embarrassment again “Dinner is usually the same as lunch but it’s larger and there is more dessert involved...” Until now she hadn’t realised just what she had been stuffing herself with daily, no wonder she was finding the ship smaller and more cramped than before.

“Thank you, Miranda. If you condition turns out to be suitably interesting I may write a paper on it, with your permission of course, I was trying to think of the title for it maybe ‘Belt busting in space?’ or does that sound too much like a bad erotica? Or how about ‘Expanding Horizons, Expanding waistlines’? ‘Pig in space’? ‘Creating the perfect woman gone wrong’?” “None of those titles are fair! I have a condition!” Grumbled Miranda sourly. “Yes, yes, you’re ‘Big Boned’ I’m sure but as my medical licence will attest to” She grabbed Miranda’s stomach on either side and gave it a shake “Muscle and Bone don’t jiggle, fat however does.” Miranda was staring daggers at Karin as she let go of her gut and walked away.

Karin walked over to a cupboard and opened it, Miranda saw Karin take out a large chocolate bar of some kind and even though she was furious her mouth began to water,  as Karin handed it to Miranda “Here, sate yourself with this while I work out the damage you are doing to yourself, it’s a battlefield ration, Mordin designed it to provide an entire weeks’ worth of calories in one bar while also making it taste far better than the standard stuff, it also sates a person’s hunger better than normal food, so it should take the edge off even your hunger.” “I’m not some sort of addict doctor. I’m just hungry” “Miranda you just told me your diet and it’s hard to see you as anything other than a junk food junkie, especially given your current size and situation” With that she gave Miranda’s stomach a final slap and walked off leaving Miranda scowling at her remarks munching on the chocolate bar she handed to her.

She finished the bar quickly and it did at least take the edge off her hunger, but there was still a large pit in her stomach. She got up grunting at the effort and spent a few minutes walking around the medical bay, trying to distract herself from her hunger, trying to not raid the cupboard. Eventually her willpower gave out and she waddled quickly over to the cupboard, opened it and had a look at the bars, most of them were marked ‘NOT FOR CONSUMPTION! LETHAL’ apparently Mordin’s recipe had needed some serious tweaking she found only 2 bars which did not have the label on them. Her fat fingers not as nimble as they had been, struggled at the wrappers for a minute. When she finally got, them open she was so hungry that when she opened them, she shoved them both in her mouth at once and quickly chewed and swallowed them she let out a sigh of relief as the bars found their way into her enormous stomach.

Just as Miranda was finishing off the chocolate bars Karin walked back in and Miranda turned around chocolate smeared on her fat face “Miranda! Are you completely incapable of controlling yourself around food for five minutes?” Karin said laughing “I… I can explain! They were mine I was saving them from earlier!” Miranda replied panicked “No need to lie Miranda. Besides where could you have kept them? The folds of your gut? I think not. However, the results of your thievery should become very apparent shortly” “Wait what do you mean? Am I going to die?!” Said Miranda worried. “I mean my dear that those were prototypes, completely useless as a substitute, they had a major flaw you see, far too many calories in them to be of any use, your soldiers would quickly become too fat to fight if they ate those too often, as well as increasing hunger not removing it” Miranda’s face turned pale “Is it much weight?” Miranda said slightly panicked “Oh no my dear, well not much to you anyways. You’re already a whale so around 25 pounds per bar, shouldn’t be too much for you unless, you’ve been stuffing you face the whole time I’ve been gone?” “No I haven’t thank you very much, I only had two” grumbled Miranda angrily but still relived she wasn’t going to burst her suit again. “No need to get angry Miranda, you’re lucky I’m only mocking you and I didn’t give you one of the fattening chocolate bars to spite you, it’s not like you could of resisted it. So, far no one has eaten these bars before so this is an excellent opportunity to record the effects that it has on humans as well as learning about your weight gain for my paper” “And for treating me, right?” “What? Oh yes, yes of course. Now waddle over there while I video you, quickly now before you get fatter”

Miranda reluctantly waddled over to where Karin had indicated “Is here okay?” she asked reservedly “Yes, that’s perfect Miranda. Oh yes, I forgot to mention by the way I completed my calculations, on average you’re exceeding your calorific requirements by around 7500 calories, that is around two pounds of fat added to your body every day.” “Two pounds a day?!” Screamed Miranda causing her body to wobble like jelly. “Correct, however you may find comfort in knowing most of the issues related to weight gain were eliminated years ago so you can continue to pudge up to your buttery heart’s desire!” “That does not give me any comfort! And my desire is to lose this weight not gain more! Can’t you just give me lipo suction? But maybe leave some in my boobs?” “No, I’m afraid not, I won’t bore you with the details but if we don’t get that hunger of yours under control lipo suction won’t help at all now stand still and hush, you’ve started to grow”

Karin was not wrong as a familiar feeling came over Miranda, her expanding body pressed against a tight suit as fat cells formed under her skin. Miranda’s butt as always was the first area of growth, it started to steadily push out from her body jiggling as it did so, causing her new suit to creak under the added stress, it grew tighter on her body showing off her deepening ass crack. It showed her enormous ass becoming larger with newly formed flab as her butt began to sag heavily losing the last traces of its once round shape and forming a much larger mass of wobbling fat. Her hips grew wider with her rear end, adding a couple extra inches to her already expansive waistline as her body surged outwards. Her thickening thighs caused Miranda’s stance to become wider as her legs as more fat piled onto her thighs. The already prominent dimples over Miranda's thighs and ass grew as more cellulite covered her pale flesh as she expanded outwards until the fattening thighs reached the end of the materials stretching point and her leg smoothed out stopping just before her legs burst her suit.

Her gut gurgled and then began to push itself outward, the jiggling main mass of her sloping gut expanding outwards from her body, followed quickly by the smaller, but growing larger band of fat on top. Her stomach began thickening and stretching at the sides which grew into her already prominent muffin top which eventually became too fat for the belt to hold up and began to sag over Miranda’s belt, which although had been made of the same stretchy material was starting to reach its upper limit. Her stomach stretching against the sides of her suit removed the last of the creases that were present on the suit giving her body a very smooth appearance. The fat rolls on her side thickened and grew taller as the fat made its way onto her body pushing her further into obesity.   

Miranda’s upper half quickly followed their lower counterparts, her arms which were already jiggling, bouncing and swaying as Miranda’s body filled outwards, were becoming as thick as her thighs had once been, but without the same tone and definition. Her fat face still covered in some of the chocolate grew puffier her third chin grew fatter and sagged from her thick fleshy neck.  Her cheeks puffed up pushing outwards, making her face rounder and softer. Her hands and fingers which were already fat and sausage like grew softer as fat continued to surround her fingers and knuckles making her fist as larger and softer. Her lower arms too had more weight piled onto of them giving her forearms the look of a giant sausage wrapped in a tight white case. Her breasts started to push outwards from their prison in Miranda’s over stuffed suit putting great strain on the buttons on the side of her suit holding in her fat body. To Miranda’s relief her breasts still maintained most their shape, growing larger as the last parts of the fat settled itself on her breasts.

“Well Miranda that was fascinating, but I fear you may need an even larger suit soon” She said attempting to pull on her suit and being unable to pinch anything but flesh. “If you want to know I can now confidently say that that you are the proud owner of a 500 pound ball of flab that you call your body. So, congratulations on hitting the big five double o” Said Karin with a wide grin as Miranda’s shoulders sagged realising that she had just made it that much harder for her to get rid of her extra weight all because she couldn’t control herself for 5 minutes. “Thanks Karin.” Mumbled Miranda hanging her head as she did so, causing her chins to stick out beneath her head. “Now now keep those chubby chins up we still have tests to do, I’ll even get you some ice cream would you like that?” Miranda looked up and nodded, her chins wobbling as she did so “That’s the spirit! During your expansion, I was scanning you and I’ve found out its definitely not a parasite or a bacterium, I can’t rule out a virus until we get you doing some physical activity so let’s get you out of that too small suit and onto that treadmill, I think a reinforced one will be called for. Don’t you agree?” Karin said giving Miranda a pat on her fleshy back.

Karin with some effort got out a large treadmill from one of the larger upper cupboards and laid it down on the floor letting out her breath when she did so. The treadmill was wide and it had handles on the side to grip onto. “whew that thing was heavy. Okay Miranda get on, let’s hope you don’t break it.” Miranda at this point was just ignoring the insults as she waddled her way onto the treadmill after she got on a robotic voice loudly announced “WARNING, USER WEIGHT IS NEAR OPERATIONAL MAXIMUM” Well did you hear that you just about fit onto a heavy duty treadmill, I guess it’s all that pride in your body weighing you down eh?” She gave Miranda’s belly a sharp pinch, Miranda just looked down at her large stomach, defeated. “Not talking to me? I didn’t hurt your feelings, did I?” She asked mockingly asked Miranda didn’t reply. “Never mind then, get off the treadmill I’ve got something for you to exercise in” This provoked a response from Miranda, “Wait what? Can’t I just exercise in my suit?” “In case you haven’t noticed your suit is close to bursting run in it and you will likely just pop right out, besides your movement is restricted in it how am I supposed to get an accurate reading?” “Fine” Miranda said with a sigh “What did you have in mind?” Karin walked off and started to root through a cupboard and turned around holding a bright pink micro bikini. Miranda blinked “You’re kidding me! I’m not wearing that!” “What? Not your colour? I thought princesses loved pink?” Karin asked innocently “It’s far to small it doesn’t cover anything, I refuse to wear it!” “Don’t throw a tantrum, I don’t see you have any choice, I have nothing else that will fit those flabby watermelons of yours, nor anything that will fit your hippo hips, and as I just explained I can’t use readings you do in your suit they are inaccurate which means I can’t help you so” Karin gestured for Miranda to undress.

Miranda waddled over angrily and took the micro bikini with a pudgy hand and waddled off behind a screen to change. When Miranda undid the top button on the suit her fat breasts came surging forward glad that the pressure had finally been relieved the same happened on each of her other buttons as more and more fat poured out as the suit without the pressure from Miranda’s body shrunk back to its original size. When she got down to her hips she undid the belt and the fat beneath the belt which had been contained came forth filling up the space beneath her muffin top “At least I’m symmetrical” Miranda thought to herself quickly glancing at her exposed breasts, she had stopped wears bra’s weeks ago as she had grown far too large for any of her old sexy lace black ones. When she tried to pull the suit down off of her legs she lost her balance and fell flat on her ass with a loud thud.

Karin came rushing round the screen when she heard the noise to find a fat naked Miranda nursing her ass. “Oh, you just fell over, I thought you might have had a heart attack with all the butter hitting you heart” “No doctor I just fell over” Miranda replied sourly. “No need to be so tart with me, you’ve had enough of those.” With that snide remark, Karin walked back into the main part of the medical bay leaving the obese woman sitting on her wobbling ass. Miranda eventually got into the Micro bikini it was so small it barely covered her nipples and provided even less support than her suit letting her breasts bounce freely. The lower half of the bikini wasn’t much better Miranda was far too large for the bikini bottom to cover anything it just rode straight up Miranda’s ass crack; the sides had found themselves sitting in one of Miranda’s large folds while her hanging gut covered the front part.

Miranda came around the screen red faced with embarrassment as Karin started laughing at the spectacle in front of her, she spent a good 30 seconds laughing before finally saying with a massive grin “I never knew I needed something so much without ever knowing it, you’re like a cow in a bikini!” She burst into another fit of laughter and started to take a video as Miranda uselessly tried to cover herself, she had always felt so sexy in a bikini especially in one so small, now she felt every inch of exposed jiggling flesh and cringed. Karin eventually stopped laughing and composed herself. “Okay, whew, let’s get you on the treadmill now shall we, or do I need to roll you?” “no… I can do it myself” Miranda walked back over to the treadmill and stepped on it and the same message played “WARNING, USER WEIGHT IS NEAR OPERATIONAL MAXIMUM” “Okay Miranda I’m going to video this as well and as you are obviously not in the best physical shape, which is quite frankly an understatement, we will start you off at a slow walking pace and we will speed it up from there okay?” Miranda nodded causing the all too familiar feeling of chins jiggling.

Karin started the machine and the treadmill began to move slowly, enough to match Miranda’s normal waddling pace. Miranda started off with no difficulty but within 20 seconds her breathing increased and she began to sweat, her entire upper half bouncing with each of her heavy steps she gripped onto the sides of the treadmill to help her along “Oh come on Miranda this is the lowest setting surely you can do better than this, you are genetically enhanced after all” Miranda was enhanced and she had no doubt that had she not been she would have been unable to of kept going for this long. Another minute passed and Miranda got used to it her breathing settled and she wasn’t so red faced. “Okay good you seem to be getting used to it lets put you up to a normal human walking pace” Karin increased the speed of the treadmill and Miranda increased her waddling pace with it, as she did so the swaying of her fat increased as well, each of her steps sent a large shockwave through her soft pale flesh. Miranda began to pant and sweat, beads rolling down her fat red cheeks “My god Miranda your fat is hypnotic. Seriously all that flesh bouncing around it’s like you’re human jelly I always dismissed hypnosis as a pseudoscience but your wobbling ass cheeks might just be what they were missing! The only issue is that if they saw the whole of you walking they may wonder if you were going to eat them.” Miranda was too out of breath to reply to her. “You know something Miranda, that bikini really shows off your curves, I mean you’re so fat your basically all curves but still. Do you not believe me? Here have a look” Karin brought a large full length mirror around so Miranda could see herself. She was a fat mess, there was sweat all over her exposed skin as well as in her many folds her thighs were wobbling constantly, this was not helped by Miranda’s enormous rear end which had already been almost touching the handles on its own and now that she was moving, made it look like her entire backside had been made out of soft jelly. All Miranda could do was stare at herself, wondering how on earth she had become this obese. “Well Miranda your heart rate is up so why don’t we bring that jiggling mass of flesh you own up to a simple jogging pace?” Miranda tried to object but all she could get out was a loud wheeze and suddenly she was jogging and without any support her flesh was bouncing around unrestricted and visible to all, her breasts were bouncing so much they broke the tiny bikini off of her and the material fell to the floor exposing Miranda’s large breasts. Her breasts began slapping against her massive stomach as Miranda’s slow lumbering body tried to jog. “Looking at your body Miranda makes me wonder, do they do sports body suits in the same ways they do sports bras? Because honestly there is enough of you to make an entire business from it!” Miranda had only been going for about 30 seconds of jogging when she began to slow down her chest heaving at the effort of trying to suck in enough air for the gargantuan woman, her legs were cramping and her vision blurring. She stopped and let the treadmill take her off when she reached there she collapsed onto the floor where she lay on her back, covered in sweat flabby body spread widely across the floor with her chest heaving as she tried to suck in oxygen. “Pathetic Miranda, how do you ever expect to be thin if you can’t even run for a full minute!”

That was the last thing she heard before she blacked out. 

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It had been a few weeks since the incident on the crew deck and Jack had been enjoying Miranda’s misery, she had been watching Miranda around the ship, wearing sweats as none of her old suits fit her expanded frame anymore. Thankfully for Miranda her new suit was eventually designed and made, it had been specially designed by Mordin to stretch extensively along with Miranda’s ballooning frame.

Unfortunately for Miranda, Mordin was still working with Jack on her revenge, meaning the resulting suit although expandable enough to contain Miranda’s growth, was also ridiculously skin tight and contained nothing to support the fatter body the suit contained. Jack had also asked that it be designed to be low cut, to expose her growing cleavage as much as possible. The suit having little support, while also being skin tight meant Miranda’s body sagged and jiggled freely when she moved, while also having every curve, fold and dimple prominently on display when she was still, this made the once trim cheerleader look ridiculous flaunting her oversized body to the crew as if she still retained her old figure.
Miranda had questioned the need for such a large gap in the top of her suit but to Jacks delight Mordin gave the excuse that he didn’t have enough fabric to cover Miranda’s ‘expanded frame’ Jack had laughed for a solid 10 minutes when Mordin showed her the clip of Miranda’s reaction.

“What do you mean you don’t have enough material to cover my ‘expanded frame!” Miranda had yelled at Mordin. Mordin to his credit had stayed perfectly calm “Material is rare… hard to produce… limited quantities. Available… no offence about size increase intended.” This had enraged Miranda even more “Is there something wrong with my size?! Are you saying I’m fat?!” screamed Miranda, “Crewmate Miranda has experienced sudden adipose build up no? requires investigating no?” said Mordin. “No it does not! i had a slight wardrobe malfunction that’s all!” said Miranda continuing to be angry. “Certain? Weighing takes little time” “Fine!” Miranda had said begrudgingly Mordin produced a set of scales. “remove clothes for accuracy” Miranda shot Mordin an angry glare but did as she was told exposing her newly rotund figure and plump rear, jiggling as she shimmied off the too tight sweats.

“Ah, excellent. You are currently 243 earth pounds, an increase of 108 pounds since last visit nearly 100% increase in weight, via adipose, if you are attempting to attract a mate you are doing an excellent job” Mordin said cheerfully. Miranda had gone pale, “243 pounds! The machine is wrong, it must be!” said Miranda angrily “No, machine is accurate, human expression apt for this scenario ‘Lay off the sweets fatty’. Is this correct usage or is human football chant ‘you ate all the pies’ more suitable?” Said Mordin clearly lost in his own train of thought comprehending human social interactions. Miranda stared at him with a sheer look of anger on her chubby cheeks too angry to shout at him. Mordin handed Miranda the suit “Please attempt to fit mass inside suit, must check if correct measurements due to your increase in mass” Miranda still angry, did as she was told and with lots of tugging, shimming and jiggling eventually fit herself inside the suit. “It’s too tight Mordin!” Yelled Miranda “No, suit intentionally tight, designed for expansion” Replied Mordin. “Expansion?! You think I’m going to get fatter than this?!” “observation of crewman Miranda’s high fat dietary model indicates 99.9% chance of continued adipose build up” He poked Miranda’s gut “This likely to be permanent addition” "But much larger" he added. 
Miranda batted his finger away and stomped out causing ripples and waves to move along her ‘adipose build up’. When the video had finished, Jack was in tears of laughter “oh Mordin you are the best!” Exclaimed Jack as she hugged him “thank you!” “No trouble crewman Jack, addition, suit, designed to increase effect of powder on wearer” Replied Mordin “wait so Miranda is going to get even fatter?!” Jack squealed in excitement "Yes, i thought going the 'whole hog' with crewmen Miranda was helpful" replied Mordin “Thank you so much for your help Mordin!”. Jack practically skipped out of the office with excitement.

It had been a few weeks since Miranda got her new suit and it appears Mordin’s calculations were correct, even though Jack had not been applying any of the powder to Miranda’s meals she had continued to plump up from the residual effect of the powder increasing her appetite, an extra 30 pounds had crept its way onto Miranda’s fattening frame. Frustrating Miranda to no end and giving Jack no end of glee.
A few weeks later when she thought Miranda had finally gotten used to her new size and Jack had gotten bored of her being this size she decided now was the time for the next ‘great expansion’ “Looks like princess piggy needs a top up to keep her properly fat and hungry” Jack thought to herself a smile on her face.

A few days passed and Jack was reading a book when Miranda came in for lunch, a big smile on her fat face, her gut swaying as she walked in seemingly trying to own being fat "Oh, always the princess, even a morbidly obese 275-pound princess" Jack thought angrily. Miranda had immediately walked past the salad and fruits on display and made her way to the more fat laden items on the menu, piling up her plate with large pastries, savoury pies, cakes, thick cut bacon sandwiches pizzas, and 3 sticks of butter.

“Obviously, she’ not taking Mordins advice to ‘cut back on the sweets fatty’”
she thought with a grin. “Do you really need 3 whole sticks of butter along with all that food!?” to Jacks surprise she did, Miranda covered all of the pastries and cakes with thick slabs of butter as she prepared her food "That's right Miranda cover your food in lard so it matches your fat gut" Jack thought to herself while Miranda absentmindedly continued to spread the butter on her food.

Jack used to wonder how one woman’s stomach could possibly have room for so much fattening food, but she was no longer surprised when Miranda sat her fat butt down on the bench with her piles of food overflowing the tray and her oversized ‘Bulge’ drinks that comically matched the overflowing of Miranda’s gut onto her lap. Jack knew she couldn’t play the ploy of her distraction again it would be too obvious that the distraction was just a diversion to spike her food, and that Miranda didn't need to pay any attention to it “Besides with that hungry look on her face I doubt she would notice it anyways”.

This time Jack had decided that she would use her biotic powers to ‘pause’ Miranda while she applied the powder to the food. Miranda reached out to grab her first item of food and Jack exerted some mental effort and familiar blue aura surrounded Miranda's frame, freezing her in place.

Jack needed to be quick it was very hard work keeping Miranda ‘paused’ for so long while she applied the powder. Jack sprinkled a large amount of the powder all over the food and into her drinks. Jack also decided that this was not nearly a big enough amount of food for such a large 'princess' so she grabbed a couple more, large pieces of everything fattening and placed it on Miranda's tray with a nice heavy sprinkling of powder.

By the time, she was done Jack was suffering a severe nose bleed from the effort of holding Miranda in place for so long. Jack made her way back to her seat, she sat back down regained her original position and released her control giving a sigh of relief as she did so. When Miranda was released she swayed back and forth on the bench causing her suit and the bench to give a loud creak as she moved “Crap, my head. Ugh I feel so dizzy, my blood sugar must be low or something, I haven’t eaten in ages” said Miranda, this was clearly far from the truth as the many chocolate smears on Miranda’s suit could attest to.

"Wait, is there more food here?" "crap" thought Jack "I overdid it" but right as Miranda had a puzzled look on her face her stomach gave an audible growl "Bah who cares I’m sure I’m just imagining it, besides its health food apples and what not" said Miranda poking an enourmas slice of apple pie as Jack breathed a sigh of relief.

Miranda happily reached for her food once again, the smile on her face growing wider as she began to shovel fat laden treats into her waiting mouth, as she seemingly inhaled the spiked food, Jack began to video Miranda’s binge as she always did, it always helped to lift her spirts to rewatch Miranda’s descent into obesity whenever she was down. Once again Miranda’s body began to surge outwards becoming rounder with newly formed fat, causing her new suit to creak under the strain of holding the already over weight woman. Her lower half was the main site of expansion again, her thighs started to fatten drastically, and began to push into each other forcing Miranda’s Legs to open wider as the thighs grew fatter and fatter as more food was being turned into fat. The new skin tight suit let Jack see the new dimples forming all over Miranda's thighs as she expanded outwards on the bench.

Miranda’s legs were quickly followed by her enormous ass cheeks, once the pride of her perfect body each of her cheeks were now as large as her original butt, however there was no longer any semblance of the tone which helped make them the jewel of her figure. Her ass was now 2 very large balls of sagging fat which hung heavily from the main bulk of Miranda’s body, there were dimples all over her giant ass which was only growing bigger from her continued gorging. As she ate her ass continued to spread heavily across two seats of the bench as it wobbled its way from Miranda's main body. While the back half of her fat ass had grown so large that half of it sagged off the edge of the bench as her ass grew even fatter and wider.

The next place to bulge outwards was her gut, the already large band of fat surrounding her mid-section pushed outwards from the centre of Miranda’s body, pumping up her spare tire heavily, going from Car tire to Bus tire. Her gut which had been gently resting on her thighs began to quickly grow wider and fatter as she ate, the added weight started to push down on Miranda's widening thighs. Her stomach was stretching against the sides of her suit, growing outwards to form a mountain of fat in her midsection. Her growing gut started filling in the multiple small fat rolls on her side into 2 large thick and flabby ones, making a crease in the middle where her waist used to be. The lower half of the fat hung heavily on the fat which was overflowing from her legs and ass, giving Miranda’s side the appearance of an oversized triple layered wedding cake. "No doubt she'd eat an entire cake like that herself" Jack thought with glee watching the fat woman gorge herself.
The front of her stomach which when she had sat down was already a third of the way down her fat thighs was quickly pushing itself closer towards her knees, as it grew fatter, a smaller band of fat started to form above the main bulk of her gut pushing outward more slowly than the main gut, giving Miranda one large solid gut and a smaller spare tire sitting heavily above it.

Miranda’s upper half had not been spared this onslaught either, her arms which were already starting to sag before, had truly become meaty, her upper arms were fat enough to rival large haunches of meat, jiggling, bouncing and swaying as Miranda filled her fat face with even more food, her hands which were once lithe and dainty were now fat and sausage like, even covered in grease and melted butter from the food she had been stuffing down her gullet. Her lower arms too had become fat, they were as fat as Miranda’s upper arms just a few short weeks ago, but with far less definition and much more flab hanging from them “Bingo wings, from chicken wings” thought Jack happily.

Her breasts eventually started to grow and when they did they started to grow fat, heavy and saggy from the new large amount of weight being piled on them, Miranda’s prize breasts had become oversized sagging watermelons stuffed in a suit. Although they still maintained most their shape, growing much larger, rounder and fatter they would not for long if the woman continued to gorge and overfeed herself. Miranda’s breasts started aggressively pushing against the new fabric which contained them fighting to break free from their too small confines but slowly the fabric gave way expanding with the lardy woman. This added weight made each of Miranda’s breasts much larger than Jacks head, the new fat on Miranda’s breasts was also spilling out of the top of her suit pushing its way to her grease stained mouth and chin.

Miranda’s neck had become much thicker and had started to become one with Miranda’s jawline which was slowly giving way to the fat enveloping her face erasing her once defined jawline and replacing it with fat jowls. Miranda’s double chin started growing wider and deeper as more and more fattening food passed Miranda’s plump lips, eventually a third chin began to develop beneath the second, with all three chins quivering as her jaw worked on chewing her food. Her cheeks had not been spared either they had grown fat and puffy and covered her once prominent cheek bones, removing the last traces of her once sharp and angelic features and giving way to the fat which covered her entire body.

As quickly as the feeding frenzy had started it finished, the last slice of pie passed Miranda’s fat lips and a calm came over the morbidly obese woman. Miranda leaned back with a contented look on her face, sighed and gave her fat stomach a rub, even Miranda’s gentle rubbing was able to produce wobbling from the rest of her body. Then suddenly she seemed to snap out of it as she realised, her stomach had not been anywhere near this large when she started her meal, she poked it as if in disbelief that it was actually her. “NO! no this crap again! My beautiful body covered in lard!” Miranda said angrily, she grabbed a nearby reflective tray and looked at the damage, she slowly poked a fat finger into her face, and it sunk deeply into her fat pale flesh, she then gripped her fleshy chins and gave it a shake, “I’m a whale!” She yelled. “Heh if you think you’re fat now wait until I’m done with you” thought Jack smugly.

Miranda then tried to stand with far more effort than she should of needed “apparently she’s been skipping her workouts as well as becoming a big fat piggy” thought Jack. When Miranda finally stood up with a loud grunt that was when Jack got the full picture, Miranda was a real sight, Jack imagined she looked similar to the spirit of gluttony as Miranda stood their panting from the effort of standing. She had grease and butter all over her hands, face and breasts.

Miranda was now easily more than twice as wide as Jack, her stomach hung heavily over her groin, her belly button which was clearly outlined against her suit had become a crater in the middle of the big fat dome that was her stomach. Her fat face gave away the fact she was winded from standing “bloody hell she looks like Mrs Claus let herself go, she must have put on a good 150 pounds the fat pig” thought Jack. Miranda started grabbing folds of her new fat and letting it drop causing a loud slapping sound and ripples all over her body. Miranda opened up her suit slightly and stuck her finger in her belly button and it swallowed her fat finger whole.

Miranda still in a state of shock and disbelief continued to play with her fat, she lifted up her new huge gut and dropped it letting it hang off her as a big fat weight, she squeezed her butt cheeks to try and find the muscles underneath the fat and pulled away when she couldn’t find them. Miranda squeezed and shook her arms watching her new flab hanging off her shake and wobble. She tried lifting her leg up and found her gut and the new-found weight was stopping her from lifting it very high.

But it was when Miranda started to walk off angrily towards the door that Jack felt truly happy, “She’s waddling!!!! She’s too fat to walk properly!” she thought to herself with glee, Miranda’s normal long powerful stride had been replaced by an awkward waddling stride that made Miranda’s new fat sway, bounce and ripple as she lumbered towards the door. Halfway to the door she stopped suddenly, the movement causing her fat to bounce as her large stomach growled loudly, “okay one last thing but something small, I’m fat enough already!” said Miranda she said through loud pants “hardly” thought Jack snidely, as Miranda’s fat body back tracked towards the food cart.

“Really!? You’ve become as fat as a small whale and you still want more you big fat tub of lard!”. Miranda waddled over the cart took a couple of large apple pies and a tray of hot dogs, munching on them, with an angry look on her face as she made her way out of the door panting heavily from the effort her fat hips nearly brushing the door as she waddled out.

“My god she eats and eats and eats! She’s become a true glutton! That doorway is looking awfully small for such a fat whale of a woman, once or twice more with the powder and she will stick in that doorway and not even that butter you’ve been filling yourself with will be able to slip you out of it, then we will see if that’s enough fat on her to be even with me” Thought Jack with a grin on her face as she watched Miranda’s engorged backside exit the crew deck.


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