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When embarrassed faced with embarrassment, there are a number of different reactions that people can have. Some people may start to cry, while others will put on a smile and attempt to brush it off.

Jack has one response and one response only. Three guesses, first two don’t count.

CEREBERUS BITCH!!!” she cried, kicking a worthless piece of scrap metal that dared to lay on the floor of her industrial hidey-hole. “RIP HER SKIN OFF HER PERFECT GODDAMN BODY AND MAKE HER FUCKIN’ EAT IT!!” The entire lower deck was being lit up in the violent blue of biotic powers flaring up. Pipes started to rattle with a nervous apprehension as the engineering team took refuge to the upper levels, not wanting to be around to offer a lightning rod for Jack’s rage. “SHOVE THE GODDAMN COLLECTOR BASE UP HER STUPID FUCKIN’ ASS IF SHE THINKS SHE CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS SHIT!!”

Not but ten minutes earlier, Jack had come up late to grab a dinner tray and take it back down to the hold before anyone tried to talk to her. Just as she stepped into the elevator, she heard a group snickering while reciting some familiar words.

“My soul buuuuuuuurns with a fire of darkness,” said a voice in a deep, facetious tone, barely able to hold back sniggering.

“Keep reading, it gets even better!” That was Miranda! How did she get her poetry?!
“Alright, alright, ahem, ‘quenched only in the pain of loneliness, I hold my breath waiting’, pffffft…” A crowd of voices broke out laughing. Jack exited the elevator, and turned to see a group of crew members reading of a datapad, all while Miranda stood back smirking.

“You wouldn't believe how easy this was to find, and there’s tons more we it came from,” said Miranda, “I guess Little Miss Psycho is a bit more whiny than we thought.”
The group’s laughing was cut short as the clatter of Jack’s tray hitting the floor alerted them of her presence. Jack ran to the elevator faster than you could blink, and felt rage pulsing in her veins as she reached the bottom floor of the Normandy. No one seemed to immediately realize the beast that had awakened, although some said that thought they saw tears in her eye.

“SQUEEZE YOU INTO A LITTLE BALL AND PUNT YOU INTO A SUN AND CHOP YOU INTO PIECES AND FEED YOU TO VORCHA AND TAKE YOUR STUPID PERFECT LITTLE FATASS DUMBSHIT-” Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks, the room going silent. The sadistic gleam of vengeance-filled revelation painted itself across her face. Fat ass, she liked that term with Miranda. Something about the ‘perfect human’ turning into some lard ass pig. Something about the destruction of the ‘perfect body’ that she valued so highly. Sounded like a personal punishment for a personal crime. Rage and tears left her mind, only vengeance remained. She wasn’t quite sure how she was going to do this, but she was more positive that it had to be done.

How exactly would she turn Miranda into a giant fat ass? Jack's first thought was to walk up to her officer, tie her up, and feed her until Cheerleader was a fat filled balloon, but that would no doubt get her in trouble. A chill ran up her spine as she thought of what kind of punishment Shepard would think of in return. Shep had bit of a karma obsession, and Jack knew getting caught would not be worth it. Maybe she could hire a bunch of mercs to kidnap Miranda and fatten her up. But even with an in, Miranda was hard to get to, only alternating between at her desk or going out on combat mission in a most binary way. Why couldn't she just have a pill to spike her drink with to turn Princess Cerby into a blob? No scientist would be crazy enough to help her besides a madman.


"Mordin!" she cried out, smacking her fist into her palm. Time to find the coot and see if he was down of a little experiment. She ran out of her hold and punched the deck button on the elevator.


Once on the right floor, she barged at the elevator and made a beeline for the salarian's lab. Opening the door, she saw the good doctor pacing back and forth, mumbling to himself.

"Perhaps convert to secondary processor? No, nerve connection not sufficient...." he muttered, clearly deep in thought, "Aide in digestion? Nononono, supplements passable....."

"Eh.... What up doc?" Jack offered awkwardly, disrupting his thought process, "What'cha, uh, working on?"


"Oh, Subject Zero, surprising," he responded at a breakneck pace, "Attempting to modify human appendix to offer alternative function to remove vestigial status. Sidework. Do you require assistance?"

"Uh yeah actually, got a little..... uh..... project," Jack felt the words stumble out her mouth. How would she get him to go along with her scheme?


"Target; Miranda? Questionable 'niceness' involved...." Mordin said, giving Jack a stern look, "Heard of poetry incident. Incorrect of her, payback expected. However, possible Shepard reaction to counter-action, unpleasant...."

"Bitch deserves to get ejected into a supernova!!" Jack snapped back, "All I want to for you to cook something up to fatten her up for me! Just a hundred pounds or so, to teach her a lesson you know"

Mordin paused, contemplating Jack's idea, his frown melting into a catlike smile.

"Concept harmless enough, reversible, heart disease from adipose build up easy enough to avoid. Medication difficult to track back...." he paused for a moment longer. "Alright, will pursue operation! Interesting challenge, simpler than organ rewiring.... Return in after hours for product."

"Hey, thanks doc!" she shouted with almost childish glee, "I guess I owe yah one!"

She left with a beaming smile on her face, and Mordin began to work.

Hours later, once everyone went to bed, Jack returned to pick up her tools of revenge. Mordin looked up from his desk when she opened the door, a content smile on his face.

"Rousing success! Lab results in green!" he said with glee, indicating a large bag of powder, "Two components synthesized, necessitating two prong attack. Component one; appetite stimulant. Three effects; increases appetite, converts 95% of calories to fat, and supplements nutrition. 'Junk' food can be eaten constantly, lacking nutrients filled in an replaced. Subject remains perfectly at health. Component two; caloric increaser. Contains high amounts of calories, when coupled with component one, almost instantly creates adipose. Additionally, compatible with dextro protien, increase of, ahem, quarian troubles."


"Okay, lemme get this straight," Jack said, "Powder increases hunger, and lets you get whatever you want without keeling over, just turns food to fat, and the fairy dust also makes you straight up fat"

"Exactly!" Mordin exclaimed, "Simple to use, makes it look somewhat natural. Little to trace. Fun experiment!"

"Alright, you did good, doc," Jack said, scooping up her newfound toys, "Thanks a bundle, ya quack!"

“You are most welcome!” Mordin then began mubbling to himself once again lost on some medical problem.

Jack left the lab, a large grin on her face and descended the elevator to return to her quarters underneath engineering. Nothing stood in the way of her revenge against Miranda... Time to put her plans into action.


The amount of names in Jack’s shit list could fill a phone book, but Miranda had managed to jump all the way to the number one spot, while no one else on the Normandy even breached her top twenty-five, she now had a great method for getting revenge. After removing a single dose of the powder, Jack hid the rest of the stash away in a random compartment in her little hide-y hole in engineering for later use. 

So, the ex-con headed up a floor to the crew deck, where she waited for Miranda’s cup to go unattended. When she saw a still full mug of coffee, she stealthily sprinkled the powder into it, and waited for Miranda to return. When Miranda came back she took a sip from the mug. “heh drink up bitch” Fortunately, Mordin was right about it working fast, as Miranda’s figure slowly began to creep outward before Jack could blink.

The new weight appearing on her body from the ingestion of the condensed calorie dust or whatever exactly it was Mordin had gave her, the majority of the weight was too lazy to move up, as it all seemed to go to Miranda’s lower half. A very small belly began to protrude outward, fighting for space against Miranda’s shirt and belt, while her thighs slightly thickened, and her rump became even more plush. Even with a more then generous portion going to her lower half, some still went upward, softening her perfectly sculpted face, and plumping up her large bust.


Though Jack had never been good at telling weight, she guessed that Miranda had put on 10 pounds over the course of five minutes from a teaspoon of the powder alone.

Oddly enough, even after absentmindedly patting her belly when her growth was done, Miranda didn’t seem to notice the new weight. Jack smiled and stifled a giggle knowing her plan was going to work perfectly “I will teach you a lesson you won’t ever forget, you soon to be fatty”.


When Miranda was done, she stood up and walked away to place her utensils away, when she walked jack noticed an almost imperceptible jiggle to Mirandas rear “heh, this will be even more fun than I thought it would”


Jack figured to avoid suspicion she should wait and only use the powder once every few days, to avoid suspicion and to draw out the enjoyment from the cheerleaders suffering.


2 day’s past since the initial dose of powder was given and Jack decided now was the time to make the perfect cheerleaders body a little less perfect. Jack waited in the crew deck till she saw Miranda order herself a meal and a drink, Jack could swear the meal looked larger than what Miranda normally ordered. She planned to cause a distraction to get Miranda away from her food so she could spike it again and just as Miranda was about to take a bite she sprung her distraction, she caused Miranda to get an urgent alert on her omni tool, Miranda obviously annoyed by this began to mutter angrily, however she didn’t have a choice and left her food to go deal with the message. As soon as Miranda was out of sight Jack got up and walked over to the food on the table, she put a teaspoon of the powder into the food and a teaspoon into the drink, she then mixed it with an evil grin across her face and casually walked back over to where she was sitting before, to watch the cheerleader begin to fatten.


Miranda walked back in with an angry look on her perfect face. She sat down and began to eat with the perfect poise and grace that she always had, lifting the unknown calorific catastrophe into her mouth, Jack face lit up when she saw the effects starting to take place, she began to take a video as she saw Miranda eat, her white outfit slowly pushed outwards containing Miranda’s new inch of fat that encompassed her growing lower half “That’s right fatty keep eating it up, soon there will be enough of your ‘perfect’ cheerleader body to get stuck in doorways”. Jack continued to watch Miranda eat she smiled every time she pulled her outfit to make it more comfortable.

When Miranda had finished Jack’s, eyes went wide when she looked at Miranda’s waist and saw a muffin top. “A muffin top!”  she thought to herself “The perfect woman has a fucking muffin top!”  She almost squealed with delight when she saw it. By jacks guess Miranda had put on another 20 pounds or so, however this time Miranda did notice the change, she wasn’t stupid after all. Miranda stood up quickly causing her newly formed flesh to jiggle, giving a gasp of surprise as she stood, and it was there that Jack got her first good view of the damage. Miranda’s face had softened, giving her slightly chubby cheeks and the hint of a double chin on her face, her neck looked thicker, her bust which had already been sizeable, had grown noticeably and her breasts usual perkiness had started to give way to a slight sag, her stomach had gone from the slight layer of fat that it was a few days ago, and become a full band of fat flesh spilling over her belt on all sides, however it was Miranda’s butt and thighs which was the main focus of the newly formed fat, her legs and ass had lost some of their tone, giving way to softness. Miranda obviously confused and worried by this quickly walked to the doorway, red faced with embarrassment, tugging at her clothes trying to hide her new weight.


Jack watched as walked out, her new fat ass jiggling as she walked through the door way. Jack howled with laughter as the doors closed behind Miranda “HAHA if this keeps up she will be too fat for those doors! A couple more sessions and then maybe I can write a poem about Miranda! Maybe I’ll call it, ‘Mega muffintop’ she would love that! Still 30 pounds total is a long way, I think 300 pounds added to your frame will make a nice additon” Jack continued to smile to herself for the next few days, occasionally catching glimpses of Miranda going to and from her daily routines her new muffin top jiggling as she walked, “well she’s much easier to spot now” jack remarked to herself.


Jack watched Miranda for the next few days making sure she was in the crew deck when Miranda was, she was trying to make herself seem less suspicious, to make sure it wasn’t obvious that Miranda gained large amounts of weight when Jack was there. Jack was still noting that Miranda’s plate seemed to contain more food than usual and of the greasier kind, instead of fruit and vegetables, Mirandas plate contained fat greasy sausages, a heap of mashed potato and thick brown gravy covering it all “well fuck me she’ll make herself a big fat cow if she keeps eating at this pace”.


Another few day’s past before jack decided to laden up Miranda’s food with the powder again she would still only use 2 teaspoons of the powder, she wanted to draw out Miranda’s suffering as long as possible. Miranda shuffled in at her usual time, wearing her normal suit, which at this point was obviously far too small for her now, as it was barely covering her enlarged midsection. She ordered her now usual fat laden greasy meal, 5 thick burgers with all the extras, extra bacon, extra cheese and fried chicken.

There were also deep fried salty fries, onion rings, fried chicken, 2 large ‘bulge’ soda’s and a couple slices of cheesecake. “Holy fuck me she’s gonna get so fat from this!”. Jack activated her distraction once again just as Miranda was going to sit her fat ass down “GOD DAMMIT!” yelled Miranda “Don’t they know I’m trying to eat here!” Jack had never seen her this angry over a delayed meal before “wow that appetite enhancer must be going to town on her” Thought Jack.


Miranda stomped off loudly grumbling to herself about ridiculous times to message her. Jack once again casually walked over to the food and realised that 2 tea spoons wouldn’t cut it with this much food, so she was forced to use 3 instead “Jeeze Miranda might wanna cut back on all the food you lard arse, you’ll get fat” Jack thought.

Jack sprinkled the powder over all of Miranda’s food and in her drink and walked back a spring in her step.


It wasn’t long before Miranda returned with a relieved look on her face when she saw her pile of food waiting for her, she sat down on the bench with a heavy thud that caused her to jiggle and began to shove the greasy food into her face, all of her usual poise and grace abandoned for a feeding frenzy that made Jack stare in awe. Jack had begun filming as soon as Miranda had reached for her burger and was waiting gleefully for the results to begin to show themselves on the once thin woman’s frame, it didn’t take long.


Miranda so engrossed in her food didn’t noticed the large bulges forming rapidly all over her body, Miranda’s new fat started to threaten her already too small suit, with tears forming at her fattened upper arms, and thighs. Her belly began to push against her belt heavily causing a visible strain on the material with a decent sized roll poking out from beneath the shirt that was beginning to ride up on her now prominent gut. “Good thing that suits strong otherwise she’d have popped out of it ages ago, and we wouldn’t want that now would we?” Jack thought smugly. Miranda’s already generous ass cheeks had taken most of the hit again this time with her ass starting to spill over the bench, as well as forcing itself up from the confines of her too tight trousers causing a large spill of fat from the trousers giving her muffin top a turbo charge. Her face had not been saved this time either and a prominent double chin formed under the woman’s face, with large chubby cheeks following up above. Miranda’s breasts surged outwards expanding greatly. Despite all of this extra growth Miranda was still stuffing the food down into her ever widening gut seemingly still not able to notice the effect the binging was having on her. Miranda finished with all of the food gone with not a scrap in sight, she had a very content look on her face as she let out loud sigh and leaned backwards, when she did so a loud snap was heard as Miranda’s belt burst outwards letting a tidal wave of flab pour onto Miranda’s lap, as this happened the lower buttons on her top popped, which was quickly followed but the buttons on her trousers popping as well, this served to let even more of the now large fleshy gut pour out, exposing her pale perfect flesh to the world.

This seemed to snap Miranda back into the real world she stared wide eyed at herself. Miranda went white and then very red, “no…. no no no, NO! What have I done! What’s happened to me!” Miranda screamed. She stood up, slower than she normally did and with a lot more jiggling than should be there on the ‘perfect human’. Jack got the perfect view of Miranda ‘the lard arse’ Lawson’s new frame as Miranda frantically tried to push the fat back into her body, Jack guessed that she must of put on a good 70 pounds from this binge. Jack was glad to see the full extent of her work, Miranda had definitely got a pear shape now. Miranda’s jacket flapped open exposing her gut, which now hung slightly from her frame with her soft pale flesh jiggling as she moved to close her jacket, Jack noticed her fingers and hands had grown thicker giving her the beginnings of sausage fingers. Miranda’s arms had grown beefy as well, looking like she had once large muscles which had now turned to fat. Miranda’s new double chin jiggled and swayed from her face as she continued to try and push away her fat. There was now no semblance of tone anywhere across Miranda’s body with her hips and ass having grown large, fat and soft, however her ass still had some perkiness to it as well as its original curvy shape. The same could be said for Miranda’s breasts which had not lost their perkiness at all and now began to push out of the top of her white jacket looking squashed against the confines of her ridiculous looking ripped jacket.

Miranda seeing her predicament began to make a hasty retreat, red faced out of the crew deck still trying to cover herself as she left through the doors to go back to her room, stealing another slice of cheesecake from the side before she left. Jack was just stunned she had no words for what she had just seen. As the shock began to fade a smile crept onto Jacks face which quickly turned into full blown laughter “HAHAHA OH MY GOD SHE’S SO FUCKING FAT HAHAHA!” Jack sat their laughing at the memory of the high and mighty princess brought low. Eventually Jack calmed down and wiped the tears from her eyes. “This is perfect! She’s turning into a blob and she can’t even control herself!” Jack exclaimed to herself, “She’s only 100 pounds heavier and that door frame seemed awfully far away from those wide hips of hers! I still have 200 pounds to go to truly teach that fat ass a lesson about messing with me.”

Jack leaned back and smiled "200 more pounds. That seems fair."

Miranda (Mass effect) revenge weight gain. Part 1
Jack is sick and tired of Miranda's crap, so she decides to take the Princess down a peg or two, and maybe gain a dress size or 10. (The first third of the story is taken from an unfinished (at the time of writing)  found here:… last two thirds are my own work, which i have now added onto the interactive story)


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